Diablo is an unincorporated community established in the early 1900s located 35 miles east of San Francisco nestled at the foot of Mount Diablo; it includes 390 homes, the Diablo Country Club and a US Post Office.

The Diablo Community Services District (DCSD) is a California Independent Special District formed in September 1969 for the purpose of providing security services to the residents of Diablo, maintaining the roads, culverts and bridges within Diablo and maintaining the equestrian/pedestrian path (Kay’s Trail) between Alameda Diablo and Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd. 

Upcoming Events​​​​​​
  • 6/6/19 - DCSD Special Board Meeting 6:30 pm at Diablo CC.  Click here  for the agenda.
  • 6/11/19 - DCSD Regular Board Meeting 7:30 pm at Diablo CC. Click here for the agenda.  Special Meeting 8:15 pm.  Clickhere  for the agenda.​
DCSD Lawsuit

DCSD is being sued by seven residents of Calle Arroyo.  Also, named as defendants in the lawsuit are Diablo Country Club and other Calle Arroyo property owners.  

   The Plaintiffs assert that Calle Arroyo is a strictly private street, not subject to a public right-of-way, and that DCSD is obligated to prevent the public from using Calle Arroyo.

   On October 5, 2018, the Court (Contra Costa County Superior Court) agreed with DCSD and ruled that DCSD does not have the authority to prevent the general public, including cyclists, vehicles and pedestrians, from using Calle Arroyo.  

  At the end of October 2018, Plaintiffs filed an Amended Complaint against DCSD asking the Court to compel DCSD to close the cut-through path from Alameda Diablo to Mt Diablo Scenic to residents and non residents.  The cut-through is located on private property.  DCSD filed an Answer to the Amended Complaint with the Court on March 15, 2019, requesting the Court to declare whether DCSD has the authority to close the cut-through.  Below are Plaintiff’s  Amended Complaint and DCSD’s Answer.

Click here  for Plaintiff Amended Complaint

Click here for DCSD Answer to Complaint

Click here for DCSD Formation Document


DCSD reminds all residents that you must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver's license to drive a golf cart on Diablo’s roads.

Parking vehicles opposite each other on both sides of the street is prohibited in Diablo because the roads are narrow and  it obstructs passage of emergency vehicles.  Park on one side only.

Homeowners are responsible for clearing vegetation that encroaches onto the road and into the creeks that run thru your property.  

In 2015 the California Legislature passed Senate Bill 272 which requires govt agencies to create a catalog of enterprise systems that are used by the agency.  Attached is the District’s catalog.  DCSD SB272

Contact Information
  • DCSD Address
    ​PO Box 321 Diablo, CA 94528
  • DCSD General Manager & General Correspondence generalmanager@diablocsd.org
  • Emergency 911
  • CCC Sheriff (non-emergency)
    ​(925) 646-2441
  • MCE Corp. Emergency Line
    ​(925) 452-2731
  • EBMUD Emergency Line
    (866) 403-2683
  • Diablo Post Office
    ​(925) 837-3800

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