Diablo Community Services District

Security & Roads

Roads & Bridges

Roads, bridges and culverts (that lie beneath the road) within Diablo and Kay’s Trail (the equestrian trail between Alameda Diablo and

Mt Diablo Scenic) are maintained by the District, with a few exceptions.  Routine and emergency road  maintenance and large projects are contracted out following established Board procedures, which may include a bidding process. 

In the case of an  emergency that impacts the roads or bridges, please contact a DCSD Board member or the DCSD General Manager (see Board of Directors tab for contact information).  

​In the event of water emergencies (i.e. water main break, broken hydrant) contact EBMUD at 866 403-2683.


Security for the community of Diablo is provided by the District through a contract with the Contra Costa County (CCC) Sheriff’s Office.  The District has its own police vehicle and a dedicated deputy, plus a contract with the Sheriff’s Office to provide additional hours of patrol.  In case of emergency, always call 911.  For all other non-emergency situations, contact the CCC Sheriff’s Office .  The District’s dedicated deputy is Dan Buergi.

  • Emergency: 911
  • CCC Sheriff (non emerg):  925 646-2441

Vacation House Checks - The sheriff provides vacation house check services to Diablo residents upon request. To request a vacation house

check please complete the form at this link Vacation Form and call the CCC non-emergency phone number.

Parking in Diablo​ - Parking vehicles opposite each other on both sides

of the street is prohibited in Diablo because the roads are narrow and  it obstructs passage of emergency vehicles.  Park on one side only.